.: A.R.R. and The Hindu

One of the good things that came out of being back in India is the habit of reading a newspaper every morning, a habit that was lost when I was in the US. As many South Indian Tambrahms (Tamil Brahmin), I was brought up in a household where ‘The Hindu‘ was the newspaper of choice, as it has been for generations.

Strangely, we opted to get Times of India when we subscribed to the printed media again. It was a heavy (rather light in news) newspaper, with newsworthy material sparsely strewn around ads. Time went by and we got used to the fun of scavenging for the news.

All of this changed radically when my parents were in town. One glance through the Times of India and my dad goes, “Neenga en Hindu vangarthuillai???” (Why aren’t you getting The Hindu). A couple of phone calls later, we switched newspapers. Since it was awkwardly in the middle of the month, we were getting both newspapers for a few days. Oh boy, it was a night and day difference.

Initially, I would glance at The Hindu and go back to the Times. Then in a few days, article by article, I was getting drawn into The Hindu. It was like finding a long-lost love. Now the Times has been completely replaced. It was around the same time that the controversial ad was doing the rounds.

For people that love and listen to A.R. Rahman’s music, you will agree that ARR’s music is one that you “grow into” and “fall in love”, just like The Hindu.

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