.: Bobblehead

The weekend was spent doing some sightseeing with my parents, Anu and Arya. I don’t need to tell anyone how bad traffic is in India, but I just realized how it gets compounded when you have a chauffeur that makes you feel like you are a bobblehead. Let me explain…

There are two kinds of drivers (excluding women drivers). The first kind is one that has spatial awareness, one who can sense an impending event and be prepared for his next move. Such a driver is able to anticipate what will happen next and smoothly steer/apply brakes/accelerate as required for optimum passenger safety and comfort.

The other kind is one that has “blinders” on, just like horses that pull carts. These drivers react to situations rather than anticipate, and sometimes rather abruptly. As a result, they apply brakes so frequently and so awkwardly that it feels like you are horseback riding. Or a bobblehead.

Time to get myself a Hans device. At least I will look cool like in an F1 car. Vroooooooooom.

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